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No Accidents In Your Car

when transporting your pet to the veterinary office.

Your Pets Comfort

They will be much more at ease in their home.

No Waiting Room Visits.

Relax and get necessary work done while we come to you.

Do Away With Multiple Trips

to the veterinary office when you have several pets.

About Us

The Mobile Small Animal Clinic is a full service mobile vet in Denver. Our mobile clinic, a customized 24-foot motor home is fully equipped to handle your pet’s healthcare needs. We have been a mobile veterinarian providing pet hospital and convenient veterinary services since 1979.

We provide vaccinations, examinations, surgery, and laboratory workups all at your home or business.

Dentistry and Dental X-rays are done using the safest reversible anesthesia available. Your pet will wake up very quickly after the procedure is complete in the comfort of his own home. February and September are our dental months. Visit our specials page for discounts on dental work.

Our Services

While our mobile vet clinic is fully equipped, Dr. Deckert does most exams in your home or office. House calls allow your pet to be as calm as possible.

Get vaccination guidelines for your pet.

We offer essential information for parasite prevention.

Bad teeth and gums can cause your pet to have increased heart and kidney disease which can shorten their lives.

Get guidelines for spaying or neutering your pet.

Dr. Deckert has been caring for our animal family members for the past 12 years.

Appointments and consultations are convenient and flexible.
This is a veterinary service with integrity, quality and affordability.

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Full veterinarian services in the comfort of your home or office Monday - Saturday