About The Clinic

Our dedication is to you and your pet's health and we strive to offer the best care to your pet. We are a full service mobile veterinarian and are well equipped to provide your pet with at-home care. This ensures quality care in their most comfortable setting and eases stress levels for both you and your pet. From general health and vaccinations, to surgical procedures and euthanasia, our comprehensive services encompass the many different stages and needs of your pet's health care. Visit our Services page for a complete list of services the Mobile Small Animal Clinic provides to clients across the Denver metro area.

Because of the unknown severity of diseases and traffic travel time we need 3 hour time frames for our appointments. This allows the doctor to make best use of her travel route. We are sure you want the doctor to have the time to do every thing that is necessary and have time to explain the problem(s) and the possible treatments for them.

Our history

Dr. Deckert started doing house calls in April of 1979. At the time he was the only full time veterinarian doing house calls in the Denver metro area. He saw a need for such a service that no one was filling. There were clients that could not transport their pets for a variety of reasons. Pets that had an abnormal fear of the veterinary office, large dogs that had severe arthritis, cats that could not be put in carriers, cats that would urinate, defecate or vomit in the car. The largest number of client however just want the convenience of being able to stay at home and accomplish work that needs to be done rather than spend the time to transport their pets to the veterinary office.

After many rewarding years as your veterinarian, Dr. Deckert retired in October 2014. He has entrusted Dr. Jinny to take over the are of your four-legged family members.

Dr. Jinny LinVeterinarian

Dr. Jinny graduated from UCLA in 2000 and University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. In the 10 years that she has been in Colorado, she practiced at full-service veterinary clinics and provided relief services for multiple clinics and shelters in the Denver area. If you rescued your pet, chances are Dr. Jinny has seen and cared for your pet at some point! She is excited to take on a house call practice to establish long term relationships with her patients. This can be better achieved by observing them in their home environment.

Dr. Jinny is a proud parent of a cat Noki, and 2 dogs Bella & Maverick. They have been with Dr. Jinny since the beginning of her veterinary endeavors. In her free time, she enjoys trying out different cuisines, traveling, snowboarding, and spending time with her family.

Our Service Area

Mobile Small Animal Clinic is a full service traveling vet in the Denver metro area serving Lakewood, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Arvada, Centennial, Englewood and Greenwood Village. We provide quality home vet care to the widespread service area displayed on the metro area map. Our customized 24-foot motor home is fully equipped to handle your pet's health care needs. We have been a mobile veterinarian providing pet hospital and convenient veterinary services since 1979. Your pet's well-being is our priority. We take pride in their comfort by bringing our mobile clinic to you.

Our service area borders are 80th Avenue on the north end of the metro area, Monaco Parkway on the east end, Highlands Ranch Parkway on the south end, and as far west as Golden.

For a small additional fee, we will provide home vet services as far north as 100th Avenue and as far east as Havana Street. Please contact us for more information on going outside of our service area to discuss how we can accommodate you.

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(303) 697-6350

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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Medical Emergencies

If your pet is having an medical emergency, please contact one of the animal hospitals listed below. Each hospital listed offers emergency services and can care for your pet in an emergency. These are great resources depending on your location in the metro area.

Wheatridge Animal Hospital - (West Metro)

(303) 940-1239

Central Emergency Hospital - (South Metro)

(303) 874-7387

Alameda East Hospital - (East Metro)

(303) 366-2639

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