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Mobile Small Animal Clinic is dedicated to you and your pet health. We are a full service mobile veterinarian in Denver and are well equipped to provide home vet care. We are a traveling vet in Denver including Lakewood, Littleton, Arvada and surrounding areas to ensure quality care in your pet's most comfortable setting Services we provide include:

What we do

General Health

Let us keep your pet healthy by having routine examinations, allowing us to catch illnesses as early as possible. We will guide you each step of the way as your pet's health care needs change.


While our mobile vet clinic is fully equipped, Dr. Jinny Lin does most exams in your home or office. House calls allow your pet to be as calm as possible.


Get vaccination guidelines for your pet.

Parasite Prevention

We offer essential information for parasite prevention.

Dental Care

Bad teeth and gums can cause your pet to have increased heart and kidney disease which can shorten their lives.

Internal Medicine

We will diagnose and treat infections and diseases your pet may suffer from.


Our mobile vet clinic offers safe and sterile conditions essential for surgical procedures.


Get guidelines for spaying or neutering your pet.


Have your pet examined by Dr. Jinny Lin for proper treatment of this condition.


Skin conditions can develop at any time. Allergies are the most common skin conditions.


This is a very difficult decision to make. We can assist with this process when the pet owner is ready.

What our clients say

Dr. Deckert saves the day...AGAIN!! I woke to find my cat bleeding from somewhere and freaked out. I called Dr. Deckert and within 5 hours he was knocking at my door to provide top notch care for my beloved pet! After a thorough cat inspection and the administering of antibiotics, Smelly is feeling better than ever and up to his old shenanigans! Thanks again Dr. Decker

Rebecca C., Yelp User

Full veterinarian services in the comfort of your home or office Monday - Saturday