Dental Care for your Pet

Bad teeth and gums can cause your pet to have increased heart and kidney disease

Pet dental care is an important part of maintaining your pet's health. All of our dental exams and procedures are done by Dr. Deckert. We use an ECG machine to monitor your pet's vital signs while under anesthesia as needed. Our in-house lab is available to all patients. Mobile Small Animal Clinic provides state of the art care and equipment and is also an affordable veterinary clinic that comes to your door.

If a pet is 5 years or older, Dr. Jinny Lin requires all pets to have a blood workup done anytime anesthesia will be used. This is for your pet's safety and will detect any hidden disease that we need to aware of prior to beginning any procedure.

  • We use the safest reversible anesthetic for all of our surgeries and dentals.
  • The teeth are ultrasonically cleaned and polished.
  • We also provide subcutaneous fluids for our patients who require it.
  • We provide pain medication after surgeries and dental extractions.

What our clients say

These people are wonderful, I can't recommend them enough if you have an emergent or non-emergent pet situation and would like to avoid the trauma of taking your pet into the vet clniic.

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