Skin conditions

There are many skin conditions your pet can develop at any time in their lives. Dog and cat skin conditions can be miserable for your pet. Allergies tend to be the most common skin condition that we see in this area. An allergy may start with scratching. Or your pet can develop a rash or ear infection due to the allergy. We have seen dogs and cats that have even lost almost all of their hair. Allergies can be an irritating condition for your cat or dog. We have treatments available for your cat's skin condition that will reduce or eliminate the itching, hair loss and infections that come with this frustrating disease.

Your dog or cat can also have fleas, ticks or mites. Other skin conditions your cat or dog can have include fungal (ringworm) or bacterial infections. If you think your pet has a skin condition, call and have us come to you to get it diagnosed and treated.

Symptoms of Skin Problems

  • Scratching, licking or chewing at skin
  • Redness or inflammation
  • Round, scaly patches on the face and paws
  • Dry, flaky or otherwise irritated skin
  • Hair loss, bald patches

What our clients say

Dr. Deckert saved the day by arriving at my house the morning after I'd left a frantic message. This attentiveness impressed me before I'd even met him. Dr. Jinny Lin treated my cat kindly and put his wealth of experience to work in resolving her crisis. The office followed up with a phone call the following day to check on my cat's progress. The mobile clinic saves pets from the stress of traveling to an office. Going forward I plan to use Dr. Decker exclusively for my animals.

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