Internal Medicine

Mobile Small Animal Clinic is proud to offer quality internal medicine while still offering the convenience of mobile veterinary services. Internal medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of infections as well as diseases of the internal organs of your pet. We are highly equipped with 3 blood analyzers to help diagnose many conditions. This can often be done before Dr. Jinny Lin even leaves your home. This quick diagnosis allows him to treat your pet during his visit in most cases. Treating your pet quickly will help your pet with recovery. Our goal is to offer the best veterinary care and services available so your pet can get back to living his or her life happily and comfortably.

  • Quick diagnosis
  • Comfortable for your pet
  • 3 blood analyzers

What our clients say

Dr. Deckert saved the day by arriving at my house the morning after I'd left a frantic message. This attentiveness impressed me before I'd even met him. Dr. Deckert treated my cat kindly and put his wealth of experience to work in resolving her crisis.

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