Mobile Small Animal Clinic is set up to take care of pet surgery in addition to our other quality services. Our equipment allows us to perform surgery for cats and surgery for dogs under sterile conditions while still allowing us the service of coming to our customers. The mobile clinic has an Isoflurane gas anesthesia machine for your petís comfort. We have a monitor to track the oxygen content of your petís blood, an EKG and respiratory monitor. And we bring it all with us in our mobile clinic. We use a very safe, reversible anesthesia so your pet is walking before the doctor leaves after surgery. Additionally, we feel it is necessary and vital to perform a blood analysis on all pets that are over 6 years old. This is a standard procedure in our practice and helps ensure your petís safety. We also use a radio-cautery machine that keeps blood loss to a minimum. Post surgical pain relief is provided for your pets as necessary to keep them as comfortable as possible.

  • Very safe, reversible anesthesia
  • Your pet wakes in their home
  • Pre-surgery blood analysis for pet over 6 years old

What our clients say

When one of my cats needed dental surgery, Dr. Deckert was able to sedate her in the house, take her out to his mobile unit when she was asleep, and perform the surgery in time for her to wake up back in the house. (Most of the time, the animals don't even leave the house though!!) Dr. Jinny Lin explains the benefits, risks and costs of care for more serious conditions, and helped us take good care of our first "animal family" through their later years.

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